Friday, July 10, 2009


You know your boy CLOPS is the Jax rep for the Red Bull Music Academy 2010!

For more info and application check out or holler at me if you need to know something!

Hurry, I need your applications to mail to Europe by July 20th!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holy shit the Mr. Lif show was good last night....

Real good. If you missed it because it cost more then $10, you truly are a sucker. Or just broke.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Its Gonna Be a Long, Hot Summer....

The everyday rain is starting, the mes-quitos are starting to come out, and Im busy as hell planning parties for the whole summer. Summertime in The City 2009 is a go, its gonna run July 31st and August 1st at T.S.I., BBB Complex, Shantytown Pub, and The Riverside Arts Market. More details are forthcoming... but in the meantime...

Summer starts this Friday at Ocean Club:

HIP HOP HELLS pre-summer showdown.

P. Locke- world renoun member of The ABs and Smile Rays, tour DJ for Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, reputation as one of Duvals best DJs - DJ Therapy. Performing new material from The Black Gestapo EP on HHH records and upcoming solo debut on California's Tre Records

GRIZLEH- also know as Blakhart, Jacksonville legend CD known for his work with The IG Camp and The Funkmonsta. Proper EP release coming on HHH Records with Dialectable Beats- come peep out some of the new material. With DJ 40Rut on the decks...

THE N WORD- HHH debut act, consisting of MC DARYL and Notsucal on the beats. Always a good, energetic, party vibe filled set.

THE NIGHT LITE- 2 younger cats quickly making a name for themselves on the local Hip Hop/ Rock scene. Excellent live show, always brings a legion of supporters.

J-BIZ- one of Jacksonvilles hardest working dudes, 'The Blue Collar MC', new project this summer with Brand New Productions

THE KID NICKEY J on the 1 and 2s all night long!

Hosted by TRICLOPS I

But in case your checking out HIP HOP HELL and would rather see some stand up comedy, peep this...

then of course, every Saturday The Big Bucks are in the building at T.S.I.-

go to and add us if you have not yet. Read the profile, its pretty hilarious.

Sunday, Mr. Lif and Willie Evans Jr. are doing an in store appearance at CD Connection at the beach.... check out CD Connection for times and what not.

Then Monday-

Come support your boy Willie Ev, he said the dude Grieves is pulling like 200 in his hometown!

Heads up for next week, big soundclash with 74 Soundsystem at B.G.-

and HIP HOP HEAVEN (for real!) spiritual Hip Hop with my man Omo Tayo, aka Stinkarelli-

Plus, you know im still working on my projects for Red Bull Music Academy....peep this dope lecture from Black Milk in Australia a few years back...

We are still taking applications for 2010 till July- this is just a sample of the dopeness you could get to check out if selected. So far I have got out applications to DJ Space Mike, Tough Junkie, Dialectable Beats, Jon Carlo from The Night Light, and Brendon from T.S.I.- its a great opportunity for all musicians, if you want more info holla at ya boy...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

I dont even know where to start...

- First and foremost- Get with the movement.

Check out our debut on May2nd outside of the Diplo show!

-The Famali debut crew show @ The Ocean Club this Friday

-Mr. Al Pete CD release show @ TSI May 8th

The Truth Video!

-Bury Your Bike Fest May 1-3

-Mas Appeals going away show May 1st

-Diplo @ TSI May 1st

-Willie Evans Jr. leaves to tour with Mr. Lif
Yup, your boy just flew to Cana-fucking-da! to join Mr. Lif on a tour across the whole US of A and beyond. Also check out this video he made on our recent trip to Miami with Red looking @ The Nerdy South for Willies updates. Congrats my boi! Check out the tour at Jack Rabbits on Monday May 25th


Heads up!

-Elevated Hip Hop Thursdays
These shits have been dope!

-Red Bull Music Academy applications now available

check out for more info. If you really seriously wanna fill out a good quality application, contact me @ and I will hook you up with a copy and everything you need to know. So far the first three Jacksonville apps. have went to Tough Junkie, Space Mike, and Dialectable Beats.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TASTE of Savannah art event @ MEAT, 4-4-09

HIP HOP HELL was in full effect on locale @ the TASTE Art Event @ MEAT (Meddling Emerging Artistic Talent) in Savannah, Ga. on Friday April 4th 2009.

MEAT is an impressive place. It’s not in the regular Savannah historic riverfront area, but rather a few miles out in an industrial area past Savannah College of Art and Design. The place used to be an old meat packing plant, and it still kind of looks like one! Its has been converted to artist studio/gallery space, and as I understand this was there first big show/party at the spot.

The party started at 3pm, but Marianne and I got there right after night fall to meet up with DJ Valis and The Dope Sandwich crew. We got to see some B-boy action from the Chief Rockas Crew, and then caught a sweet dance party DJed by a cat named MK2, who had some new electro/dance/bass joint I had never heard.

The art was impressive. There was over 3 rooms of it, over 30 artist were represented. My favorite was this dude, who printed on skateboards!

And of course, the bands. Being the Hip Hop dude I am, I was there to see my homies Dope Sandwich perform…. But before that, I got to catch Atlanta beatbox legend Dres the Beatnick, a gothic band called Toxic Shock Syndrome, and a cover band called Clutch (I believe). Finally after 2am and me and my ole lady’s Jagerbomb break downtown, we got to see Dope Sandwich in all its ill Hip-Hoppin –ness- Basik Lee, Knife, Zone D, Valis, Life, Righteous and all the homies were there rappin they asses off!

Overall, a good trip. I think Savannah is a good sister city to Jacksonville, not to big, not to small, just right. I have a blast every time DSP hosts me. You get that familiar feeling of southern comfort, and none of that big city pseudo intellectual pretentious ness . And they got good shrimps and grits. Big up to my fellow big fishes in small ponds, keep on doing it how your doing it. The south will rise with friends! Looking forward to the next event in September, you can bet HIP HOP HELL, BBB Complex, and RBMA will be in there repping hard as hell!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


yall been warned, this the gully flyer, that pro style shit coming soon....